How do I send a job description to a friend?

Once you have selected the desired job from the search list, scroll to the bottom of the page. Next to the “Apply” box, is a “Share” box in which you are able to share the job posting through multiple media sources, including but not limited to: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. Simply click one of these sources and follow the prompts (they vary based on media source).

Click 'Send this job to a friend,' which is located in the right column next to the job description.

If you choose to use email as your media source, click the envelope in the “Share” box next to the Twitter symbol. This will open a new screen prompting you to enter in the “to: (email address)” and the “from: (email address)”. You may also add a note if desired, however there is a 255 character limit including spaces. The subject line will be pre-populated and all the relevant details on the job will be included in the message. Click 'Send', click the “click here” link to confirm you are not spam, fill out the “captcha”, and click send.

*The “Captcha” is used to filter out spam. For more information, please visit

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