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Whether comfortably transporting a broker from Washington D.C. to New York City’s Penn Station on Amtrak’s 135 mph, 100 ton Acela locomotive within three hours, or perhaps carrying a mother and child to Museum Station on Toronto, Ontario’s brand new 1,100 passenger “Rocket” subway train, one thing is certain:  they must stop consistently, predictably, and comfortably, all at an astronomical frequency.  At KBC, our employees ensure that our friction systems — both friction and magnetic — on locomotives, subways, and light rails come to a halt so efficiently and safely that they’re nearly transparent to the passenger.  Try accomplishing that in a traffic jam-laden commute to your favorite metropolitan area — the ensuing headaches will be sure to make you consider rail transit for the next commute.  Our automatic passenger doors through IFE and HVAC systems through MERAK provide the transit authority’s customers with the highest standard of comfort, transparency of use, and safety.

With the accruing residential and governmental support of future “green” high-speed and local rail transit projects, the need for individuals ready to help solve these engineering problems comes to face:  your help is needed!  In the past decade, Amtrak alone saw an increase of 37% in ridership with 28.7 million passengers (its highest level ever) in 2010 alone, and is forecasted to grow steadily.  Continuing government appropriations to repair and improve infrastructure and railways in the US support the data.

KBC is part of a global network spanning 26 countries that helps provide congestion- and emission-reducing passenger rail transit solutions:  these networks certainly aren’t going to build themselves.  Knorr-Bremse commits five percent of its revenues to research and development of these new technologies, and KBC is a proud part of this change.